Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Last Time

This is my last post on this blog. I'll still use blogspot for my works blog >>>>
but for everything else Im going to be switching to Tumblr

If you have one follow me, and if ya don't "Hakuna Matata"
- Greg


jamimarie said...

hakuna no-matata! i want to like your tumblr but i can't. i can't comment on anything? i don't like being silenced! don't make me turn into Scar. (p.s. I had to google lion king to remember the bad guy's name. all i have to say is...do you know how many lion king movies were made? too many. it may or may not be worse than the Fast & the Furious "billi-ogy".)

Gregory A Ortega said...

Tumblr is so easy and quick! I DO know how many Lion Kings there were, and i am glad to say i have only seen the first one. As for comments, you can push LIKE on the tumblr posts and i can just imagine what you are thinking. Or facebook comment on the posts? That might be too disconnected though.
In addition, they could never make enough Fast & Furious sequels, that franchise is GOLD!

blythe said...

greg, i ammmm going to have guests do five things friday posts! if you would actually read my blog instead of only looking at the pretty pictures, you'd know that!

want to send me your five things friday for an upcoming friday???
you can be my first guest blogggerrrrr! :D

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