Monday, October 01, 2007

OVER LOOKED (like the cute girl with glasses in the back of the class)

okay, okay, we can all put down our animal collective albums and change the pace a bit. Dont get me wrong their music is great but let us give these other striving bands a listen. These are a couple of albums i feel didn't really get the recognition they deserve. I mean maybe they got good reviews but i haven't heard the kids on the street praising these as much as i would like. So from bottom to top, left to right, here are the records that i felt were over looked so far in 2007.

klaxons - myths of the near future

The Besnard Lakes - the besnard lakes are the dark horse

Dr. Dog - we all belong

Spoon - ga ga ga ga ga

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Matt Jensen said...

i love you greg. and I do agree with you about Dr. Dog