Monday, April 02, 2007

bpring srake

So it is that time again for all the kiddies in school (me) to take a nice and relaxing week off from the arduous daily routine of education. I wonder what Greg's plans are for spring break? i have caught people asking themselves. Here is a little list of the events and activities that will be consuming my life for the next week. ( i know you all like to keep tabs on me)

Monday- cleaning my room, listening to all the new music i have received illegally, Skating with some homies, seeing 120 days & Ratatat at the Henry Fonda Theater.

Tuesday- Waking up. Skating. Sleeping ( maybe make it to the flame broiler )

Wednesday- Work 7:30-12. Skating. Reading. Lost.

Thursday- leave for Santa Barbara

Friday- Chill in Santa Barbara

Saturday- Leave from Santa Barbara

Sunday- He has risen!

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